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Karaland - A wonderful place to live

    • littlemisscynic:
    • I wish the damn election was tomorrow bc I can't sit through 2 more months of this shit. Repubs, Dems, I'm suck of them all. I wish I were rich so I could buy an island and start my own country called Karaland wherein the only law is to not be fucking annoying and we have dance parties every day. And the national anthem is "All I Do Is Win" bc it'll be fucking awesome when it plays after Karaland wins its first Olympic medal.

Ragú Long Day of Childhood Commercial Premiere: Parent’s Bedroom

36 Terrible Sex Tips for Men →

While Cosmo comes at sex with the chirpy enthusiasm of Elle Woods and the DIY tenacity of Martha Stewart, its peers on the men’s side are a little harder to pin down. There’s Maxim, whispering tales of “busty blondes” from the corner of the school dance, boner-in-sweatpants, drinking whiskey from a Coke bottle. And then there’s Men’s Health, aggressively sharing his recipe for blueberry protein shakes in the elevator, saying things like “glutes” and “sports-utility vehicle.”

So here’s an anthology of the most misguided advice voiced by these two gentlemen; take it with caution.”

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Leslie Knope — Parents Just Don’t Understand

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Emma Stone Dance Dare!

Famous Movie Scenes With Cats

Little Kid Sleeps on Skis

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